Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAC hits fall green perfection

As promised in my last post here is My fave Fall Green ever, MAC's Jade Dragon from the new Fall Color Trend polish collection..

Here it is in sunlight and the most true rep of how this polish looks IRL, The sparkles are there but not as much as you see in the bottle, its pretty subtle. 

Sorry about the messy app but I was racing the sun big time to get outdoor sun shots.
As you can see above it is dark and can verge on black but not quite, it always stays just a tad away from looking black and I really like that about this shade..
I am wearing 2 coats in all of the pics, this stuff is super opaque , only downfall I found was that even though I had this on for less then an hour when I took it off it was like monster hands.. it stained my nails sooo badly and my cuticles and fingers so I would say this one needs a few layers of base coat at the very least..

To me this polish is Fall perfection in Green, its so much better then I had imagined it would be and pics just dont do it justice.
Well that is all for this post, next few are short nail nubbin city since I had 2 break.
Thanks for reading -ilectra

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