Saturday, August 28, 2010

Say Hello to my Little Friends

China Glaze Awakening Collection, the fall/hallowen set of 3. Mummy May I, Ick a Body and Zombie Zest.

I only swatched Mummy May I and Ick a Body for this post because Zombie Zest is so similar to the Orly cosmics "It's not rocket science" I am going to dedicate a whole post to comparing them.
So first off let me say I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! Fall is my fave season and Halloween is by far my fave holiday so when they start putting out the Halloween collections I go gaga.

First up is, Mummy may I.. I had a really hard time getting good shots of this one. It was so amazing in person but capturing that was hard so here are two shots I got that give a pretty good idea.

This is 3 coats but 2 would have worked fine too.

This color did not disappoint Black base with deep purple glitters, it as well as Ick a body dries rough due to the glitters, top coats deff needed.

Next up is Ick a body, an amped up version of Last halloween's mega hit Fortune Teller also from China Glaze.
Here you can see it and Mummy May I.

Its very densely packed Orange glitters, with a sheer black/green base, this was a 3 coater to cover any baldness.

 I really loved this one, it just screams Halloween to me and I love the fact its so high impact unlike last years Fortune Teller that was sparse glitters.

I only have one complaint from this collection, the fact that it's only 3 I would have loved a few more gems like these three, like maybe a dark brown with red shimmers.. But hey there is always next year.

Here's an upclose of Ick a Body to get your Halloween blood pumping.

I have a bunch of great stuff to post in the coming weeks, but I promise to show you guys Zombie zest soon side by side with "It's not Rocket Science" but I can tell you now that they are NOT dupes. 
I also broke two nails after swatching MAC's Jade Dragon for you guys so I had to cut all my nails to nubbins :( it sucked so Next post is Jade Dragon and after that you guys gets to enjoy nub nails for awhile.

That's all for this post, Thanks for reading


  1. Im sooooo In love with Ick a body. yum.. I need my nails done with this for Halloween.

  2. They all look great! I look forward to get these :)