Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fireberry Red and the amazing art of Conni Togel

Im posting my fave polish of the week today, Best formula and color ive worn in ages.
Sally Hansen's hard as nails Xtreme Wear in Fireberry Red, It was a summer limited collection or early fall in my area.

 I was a bad girl and didnt use a base coat with this polish or a top coat, I was in a hurry so this is 3 thin coats no base or top coat. It dried really quickly which I loved.
 Indoors this color takes on a deeper tone and becomes rather luscious and channels a vintage feel.
Ive never been a huge fan of red nail polish for so many reasons but this polish is fantastic, if you can get your hands on a bottle I say go for it cause its a new fave for me and could be for you too.

On a somewhat related note I would like to introduce you guys to my fave artist, Her name is Conni Togel
and her amazing work can be found at .
I got to see her and buy some prints from her over the weekend at a local Craftsman art show, this was my second time meeting her and buying art from her. She noticed my polish when I was checking out and commented that she really liked the color, it was the one featured today Fireberry Red. I loved that an artist such as her who has mastered beautiful colors on canvas liked this color, talk about good ha ha.
But anyway here's a pic of one of the prints I got from her, I watermarked the photo for the safety of her art.

It's titled Firefly Ballet and no you aren't seeing things those are sheep, all of Conni's work is Sheep, whimsical, silly and fun sheep. No other artist's work has made me smile so much as hers and so I had to share it with you and it didnt hurt that she loved my polish :)

Well im feeling a bit more back on track, did ya miss me?? I know I missed you guys.
That's all for today's post, Thanks so much for reading. -ilectra

Holy Cow, Everyday is Halloween?

Looks like its time to play catch up. Im so far behind so tonight I'll be making 2 posts.
For this one I went thru my Halloween nails I had done this year and picked my favorite one and the one that could maybe be worn for something other then halloween.

I wore this to a Halloween party and everyone loved it and kept grabbing my hands.

I was a Fairy Princess for the party and the hubby went as a Modest Skeleton ,lol.

Anyway even though its past Halloween I hope you guys can enjoy this one.

 The base color is Orly Iron Butterfly and the blood coat is Sally Hansen Salon in Cocktail Party
 I painted the tips in 2 thick coats, before it dried used a toothpick to drag the color in streaks down the nail.
Super simple but really had quite the party fan base, it'd be a cool Vampire nail mani.
Well hope you guys dig this one, next post im getting back on track and back to updating ive gotten so many great polishes Im dying to show you guys and a few that im disappointed with I want to review..
Thats all for this post, thanks for reading -ilectra