Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flakie Week: OPI Merry Midnight

Tuesday flakie time, so happy to hear that you girls are digging this week's theme. Today I have a lemming fullfilled and the main reason I chose to do flakie week, non other than OPI Merry Midnight from the 2009 Holiday Collection.
Here's a bottle swatch..(click pics for bigger size/more detail)
Yes indeed it looks like flakie insanity right there but as you all know in the bottle and on the nails is so rarely even close.. but even if on nails it doesnt look like the above it is still a beauty..see...

This polish is amazingly opaque this is with 2 coats in sunlight..I found this polish to be a pain in the butt to get good pics of cause its so freakin shiny ha.
In direct sunlight you can see the beautiful plum purple color but in norm light this polish is super dark.
Blue,Red,Pink,Orange and Purple shimmers and flake colors litter this polish, I cant stop staring at the blue bits.
I lemminged this baby for quite awhile and now that I have it I can say that's its a real pleaser.. This is a be careful while driving polish , it catches a sun beam and the orange flakes look like they are on fire.

Here's an on the nail close up in shade and sorry about the quality of this one again so hard to capture how awesome this one is..
That's all for Tuesday, stay tuned for Weds.. Thanks for reading -ilectra


  1. I have this one too and I think its hot! but not very christmassy?!

  2. I would love to have this one. I saw a swatch of it about a month ago and started searching all my haunts trying to see if there was a lonely bottle with my name on it. Not yet and the search continues. It is an awesome mani.

  3. I love this color. it rocks.. cant wait to see fridays post though. Im purtty excited. :)