Monday, September 13, 2010

NOTD and hook up

Sunday was my bridal shower and the girls went all out with games and prizes and food, it was fun and I even scored a Gift card to The Body Shop so I just ordered The Almond hand cream with it.. anyone try that?

Anyway here's my nail of the day for Sunday at my shower thru today, I already had on Zoya's Kalista from my last post and I used China Glaze's Millennium to stamp and then a coat of my trusty SV top coat.

This design is from the bundle monster plates, BM12 plate.

I used the stamping to cover up blanket marks on one of my hands from falling asleep without applying my fast dry top coat .Ha.

I got a box today from and was thrilled to open it up and find:
A friend got me the Lippman Across the Universe polish from my amazon wishlist and sent the Napoleon Perdis Lip Palette to me as a free gift.. man how cool is that, this has to be the coolest free gift with purchase ive ever gotten. Here's a better look.
The beautiful Across the Universe(wearing it now, just couldn't wait)

The NP 15 color Lip Palette, Lip palettes really aren't my thing but I am quite fond of this and the fact it was free makes me love it.. ha ha So all in all today was a happy mail day..

That's all for today, Thanks so much for reading -ilectra


  1. i can't even draw those images as good as you paint them, or paste them or whatever. and that friend should get a big hug!

  2. Your NOTD is so pretty but mostly I am jealous that you have DL ATU.. I'm dying for that polish!!

  3. I love your nails. I was trying to decide what design to do today, so I'll have to copy yours, although with different colours.

  4. @bairdduvessa How about I give you a big hug for the amazing Wild at Heart set??

    @Let them have Polish! Amazon has it :D I was surprised.

    @Michelle Thanks :) coool What colors did you end up using?

  5. I should let you know that stealing that polish is in the works.. i just have to figure out how to get it out of your house without you knowing...

  6. Your nails are so lovely! How I wish I have that skill to do my own polish.

    I'm a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow back. Thanks!