Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flakie Week: Cover Girl.. really??

Thursday brings us to a polish that just about all of you can get but people never really think of it as a flakie but it is indeed and it's cheap and beautiful sooo what more could ya want.. lol

It's Cover Girl's boundless polish in Pink Twinkle, I layered it over Essie's Lapis of Luxury.
 One thing I wasnt quite able to catch in pics was that the pink layered over the blue made a soft lavender kinda magic in doors and in shade. But in the pics with the sun on it looks much more blue and the Essie shines through.
First I thought Id show a close up of it on the nail just in case there are any doubt that this polish is indeed flakie.
Granted the classic color shift of flakie's is very minimal in this one but it's still super stunning.
I really like the subtly of this one, this is with 1 coat over 2 coats of the Essie. 
For me this has been a real must have polish, its so sparkly without being over powering and so easy to get, atleast in my area.
It's almost the end of flakie week sadly, tomorrow will be franken friday and so it'll be a flakie franken and so I wanted to comment that I yes we did a flakie week without Nfu Oh polish and yes I know thats kinda weird but I simply dont own any yet and they aren't as easy to get ahold atleast not the super amazing ones lol.
So hey maybe another flakie week will have to happen in the future, but tell me what do you think of today's polish? have you seen it while out and about? 
Thats all for today see ya tomorrow, thanks for reading -ilectra

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flakie Week: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Who didnt know that Hidden Treasure would make it into flakie week?? ha ha yes yes the polish that women sold theyre kidney's to get a hold of this last spring had to be included even if ive posted it before and even if you've seen it a billion times here she is again.

This time I layered HT over China Glaze' Flying Dragon a beautiful bright purple polish with pinkish purple and blue glitters. Not alot to say about this polish that I haven't already said it really speaks for it's self so here is pic spam ..Click any pic for larger size/more detail.
In sunlight!

In Shade!

Close up!
Sooo there has been alot of hype about this polish and I really really can see why, cant you??
I have heard that bottles of this once thought sold out everywhere are popping up in stores a bunch these days so dont give up hope on this one yet if you havent scored a bottle its still to be found and if not grab a bottle of Nubar 2010 and you'll never know the difference :)

In an exciting note... LOOK what came in the mail today..
Looks like I could do a Glitter Week, sooo what do ya think?? Glitter week with These? Or Just one monster post?
That's all for today's post, thanks for reading guys -ilectra

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flakie Week: OPI Merry Midnight

Tuesday flakie time, so happy to hear that you girls are digging this week's theme. Today I have a lemming fullfilled and the main reason I chose to do flakie week, non other than OPI Merry Midnight from the 2009 Holiday Collection.
Here's a bottle swatch..(click pics for bigger size/more detail)
Yes indeed it looks like flakie insanity right there but as you all know in the bottle and on the nails is so rarely even close.. but even if on nails it doesnt look like the above it is still a beauty..see...

This polish is amazingly opaque this is with 2 coats in sunlight..I found this polish to be a pain in the butt to get good pics of cause its so freakin shiny ha.
In direct sunlight you can see the beautiful plum purple color but in norm light this polish is super dark.
Blue,Red,Pink,Orange and Purple shimmers and flake colors litter this polish, I cant stop staring at the blue bits.
I lemminged this baby for quite awhile and now that I have it I can say that's its a real pleaser.. This is a be careful while driving polish , it catches a sun beam and the orange flakes look like they are on fire.

Here's an on the nail close up in shade and sorry about the quality of this one again so hard to capture how awesome this one is..
That's all for Tuesday, stay tuned for Weds.. Thanks for reading -ilectra

Monday, September 27, 2010

Flakie Week: LA Girls Rock Star - Crowd Surfing

Happy Monday guys and gals it's the start of Flakie week so let me say that I know many people either love or HATE flakies but Im in the love camp so Im featuring them for a whole week, but for those of you that hate them next week I'll be back to non flakie goodness and I would love to hear what you DO love so that I may feature it too :)

Now all disclaimers aside ha ha Here we go..
Today's flakie is LA Girls Rock Star in the shade Crowd Surfing , I layered it over the top of a beautiful Nina Pro polish Called Never Glum Plum, its a creamy plum grey..Here are the bottles side by side.

The LA Girl Flakie is a light green jelly base full of green shimmer and orange/gold flakes. Here is it over the Nina Pro Never Glum Plum in direct sunlight.
Here it is in shade in its full glory..

Look at all that flakie goodness..This is two coats layered but one would have been good for a slightly more subtle effect.
As you can see the green base and shimmer really take over and so this is one that could be great on its own in 3 coats or so.
In the sun it really shimmers and sparkles due to the green shimmers..So this is like most flakies a polish of many faces.. I love it because its the mix of my love of Green and my love of flakies..
So do ya love it? or is it a fist full of ugly? lol
That's all for today, see ya tomorrow with another flakie beauty thanks for reading -ilectra

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fashion Friday: Boots boots boots a plenty

Yay its fall fashion friday again and today's post is going to be a mega photo overload..
Best fall fashion item bar none??? BOOTS! duh.. lol ok cardigans, scarfs and tights are pretty awesome too but today im showing my love to boots..

I have 7 pair of varying styles and shades to share with you today, It's still a lil to hot for boots here but I will be sporting many of these all Autumn long..
 All images are clickable for more detail/bigger size pic.

First up a cute Pair of Steve Madden Cybul Flat Boots in Cognac.
These are sooooo buttery and comfy and look super cute with fun fall dresses that hit around the knee.

Next is Wanted spike boots in Brown.

These boots are a lil more rough and tumble, they are faux fur lined and the top of the boot has a sweater like stretch material which make these super warm.. word to the wise on these they run really small sooo its always wise when and if buying online to go a size up, cause extra room is better then broken

Next we have Michael Antonio Onte boots in black.

If looks could Kill, ok so these are a lil more daring and not everyone's taste but you cant help but feel really kickass in them.. I think they would be awesome for a fall night out.. They rock with tights and have silver accents.

Next are Wild Rose Tamie Boots in Black.
Yet another pair of stiletto boots but just ever so slightly tamer and with gold accent's rather then the silver in the previous pair. These are surprisingly comfortable and dont stress the arch like alot of stiletto's do and so that makes these more wearable.

Next we have my fave pair Naugthy Monkey Maverick boots in Chocolate.

The warm toned brown with the mix of leather and suede make these my go to fall boots, they are comfy and look great with jeans, they are super soft and make me want to swashbuckle ha ha.

Up next DollHouse Hemi Boots in Black.
These boots are freakin awesome they have amazing tread,like almost snow boot tread, soft and sturdy they make a dress fun and look sexy and casual with jeans.. see...
 And now last but not least Nine West Elbe Boots in Black.
 These boots are almost 5 years old and have been through hell and high water and yet they still look new as the day I got them, these boots have class and style and literally look good with just about everything and any thing you can pair them with.

And that's all 7 I chose to feature, I almost added rain boots to this but since Fall is the driest season in my area I decided against it but with that said, rain boots also make a super fun and cute fall boot and in wetter climates its super practical .. They come in all kinds of designs, mine have lil whales all over them so cute.

I hope this inspired you to give boots a try this Fall or Pull your old boots out of the closet.
So of the 7 what did you like or not like?
Thats all for this very long post, thanks so much for reading -ilectra

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bright Idea with Color Club

Getting married in 17 days ahhhhh so much to do its crazy, so ive been slacking with posting but ive been taking pics of all my mani's so they will make it here soon as things calm down..

Today I wanted to feature 2 of the Colors from the Electro Candy collection from Color Club, shield your eyes cause they are amazingly bright.. even in the dark..
Volt of Light and Tangerine Scream are the Yellow and Orange from the collection (had to make my own labels).

 The neon yellow like most neon yellows took far to many coats I believe I did 5 here.

Both of these Neon's have a subtle shimmer the orange is 2 coats to perfection.
It's officially Autumn but still 94 degrees here so rocking this bright summery look doesn't feel off at all, ugh I cant wait til it cools down here I love the fall and fall weather warm days and cool nights.
Even with 5 coats I can still see thru that yellow.. So Id say it's deff a layer over white kinda polish..

So with this mani on I was laying in the dark watching tv and looked down to notice that my nails were glowing bright in the TV light, now that is bright..
and Yep you guessed it like many neons they are great blacklight colors..Great for dance club nights..
So what do you guys think of neons? Love um Hate um or just cant pull um off? On a side note Color Club is quickly becoming one of my fave brands, a awesome friend got me the Wild at heart set and wow it was love at first sight..
Tomorrow is Fall Fashion Friday and then next week im going to do Flakie week and feature fun Flakie polishes so stick around for that awesome sauce lol, well that's all for today thanks for reading -ilectra

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Franken Friday: My Private Comet

Ha ha late again, wow its 6am and im still up so hey still friday for me :D But in all honesty a friend of mine from out of town is here so I slacked off with them .. But on with the show..
This week's franken was a win and a fail.. I set out to try and franken the famous OPI My Private Jet with the amazing multi holo buuuuut what I ended up with is alot more like China Glaze's Comet so I named her My Private Comet heh I took pics a month ago and again today so here's some pic overload... enjoy
Click any pic for a full view :)
Here are two from today..

It is far from the amazing OPI MPJ but its still pretty so its a winner..What do ya think?
Ok soooo since im late how about some bonus pics??
Ok so this sign is around the corner from my house and I had to take this pic.. Can you nail savvy gals tell me what polish this is???? ha ha

Also my cat Mona made me laugh when my soon to be hubby held out a cheeseburger and she was like eh who cares.. ha ha " HAS CHEEZBURGER, DO NOT WANTS CHEEZBURGER"
God I love that cat, I love taking pics of her but standing still is not her strong point. Well Hope you enjoyed this FF post that's all for now, thanks for reading -ilectra

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NOTD in a backlog way

A few weeks ago when I first cut my nails down I had this beautiful NOTD that I ended up not getting around to posting, But the polish was a lemming of mine for quite a while so I just have to post it :)

Nicole by OPI's I Stop for Nicole, its a sparkly duo chrome amazingness that these pics just wont do justice.
It's a beautiful pink/red and even though the Nicole bottles are the uglyst bottles ever I saw this as a NOTD on the MUA boards ( and it was instant love even though Im not a huge lover of reds or pinks in polish.. I think my polish addiction is curing me of my did taste of most colors.. colors Ive always hated are yellow,brown,pink and red and I have quite a few of each of those colors in polish. ha
Well there ya go a NOTD from weeks ago that I felt just had to go up since it was a fulfilled lemming.
That's all for today, see you guys tomorrow for Franken Friday thanks for reading -ilectra

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revlon Emerald City vs OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Browsing Target a few weeks ago I spotted a Revlon polish that had matte suede written across the bottle of a beautiful green.. I had to grab it and run home and play with it and my Bottle of OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow suede and see how they compare... So here's the Comp of the two below. All pics are clickable for full size.

Here are the bottles side by side, The Revlon looks more matte in the bottle then the OPI.
But as you see above the Revlon doesn't dry all that matte or suede, it dries to a dull shine. Then I added matte magic to it and that did help make it more of a HTAT dupe, but still off..

The Revlon Emerald City has more shimmer and sparkle then the OPI and it takes longer to dry.

I would say that they are dupey but not an exact dupe, but a great alt for those of you who loved HTAT and couldn't get a hold of it or those of you like me who have to have both cause of my green love and the fact that they are diff enough to have both :)

That's all for today, thanks for reading -ilectra