Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bright Idea with Color Club

Getting married in 17 days ahhhhh so much to do its crazy, so ive been slacking with posting but ive been taking pics of all my mani's so they will make it here soon as things calm down..

Today I wanted to feature 2 of the Colors from the Electro Candy collection from Color Club, shield your eyes cause they are amazingly bright.. even in the dark..
Volt of Light and Tangerine Scream are the Yellow and Orange from the collection (had to make my own labels).

 The neon yellow like most neon yellows took far to many coats I believe I did 5 here.

Both of these Neon's have a subtle shimmer the orange is 2 coats to perfection.
It's officially Autumn but still 94 degrees here so rocking this bright summery look doesn't feel off at all, ugh I cant wait til it cools down here I love the fall and fall weather warm days and cool nights.
Even with 5 coats I can still see thru that yellow.. So Id say it's deff a layer over white kinda polish..

So with this mani on I was laying in the dark watching tv and looked down to notice that my nails were glowing bright in the TV light, now that is bright..
and Yep you guessed it like many neons they are great blacklight colors..Great for dance club nights..
So what do you guys think of neons? Love um Hate um or just cant pull um off? On a side note Color Club is quickly becoming one of my fave brands, a awesome friend got me the Wild at heart set and wow it was love at first sight..
Tomorrow is Fall Fashion Friday and then next week im going to do Flakie week and feature fun Flakie polishes so stick around for that awesome sauce lol, well that's all for today thanks for reading -ilectra


  1. Love the pic in the dark--very clever!

  2. These are great colors! I could never pull them off which makes me jealous! I need to try his brand soon :)

  3. i've never liked neon anything, but im sure that if there is one person who can pull them off it is you

  4. I love neons and love these 2 colors. Very pretty

  5. @KarenD Thanks so much, I couldn't believe how bright in the dark so just had to prove it ha ha.

    @Let them have Polish!
    Oh man yes try them, they really are great.

    @bairdduvessa ha ha yes yes I could :P I mentioned you in this post :*

    @Twister Thanks gotta love a neon with a shimmer.