Monday, September 27, 2010

Flakie Week: LA Girls Rock Star - Crowd Surfing

Happy Monday guys and gals it's the start of Flakie week so let me say that I know many people either love or HATE flakies but Im in the love camp so Im featuring them for a whole week, but for those of you that hate them next week I'll be back to non flakie goodness and I would love to hear what you DO love so that I may feature it too :)

Now all disclaimers aside ha ha Here we go..
Today's flakie is LA Girls Rock Star in the shade Crowd Surfing , I layered it over the top of a beautiful Nina Pro polish Called Never Glum Plum, its a creamy plum grey..Here are the bottles side by side.

The LA Girl Flakie is a light green jelly base full of green shimmer and orange/gold flakes. Here is it over the Nina Pro Never Glum Plum in direct sunlight.
Here it is in shade in its full glory..

Look at all that flakie goodness..This is two coats layered but one would have been good for a slightly more subtle effect.
As you can see the green base and shimmer really take over and so this is one that could be great on its own in 3 coats or so.
In the sun it really shimmers and sparkles due to the green shimmers..So this is like most flakies a polish of many faces.. I love it because its the mix of my love of Green and my love of flakies..
So do ya love it? or is it a fist full of ugly? lol
That's all for today, see ya tomorrow with another flakie beauty thanks for reading -ilectra


  1. I cant wait for this weeks posts. I love how flakies look. Never tried any but only because i cant find any locally. Dying to try some.

  2. Oooh im excited by flakie week :) AWESOME

  3. Well, I'll be. I have the LAGirls rockstar and I never would have thought of layering it over the base color you chose. Excellent!

  4. One word. HOT. I can't wait for you to do my nails.. it is going to be amazing..