Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick NOTD : Striped and loving it

Its been one heck of a weekend plus Monday since it was a holiday. Hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend.
I am super tired and not feelin super great sooo It's gonna be a quick nail of the day from the weekend... yay

Striped mani with a Gray base and the help of two sinful colors and one LA colors nail art polishes. The thin brushes make this fun high impact mani so easy its a crime.

I have to admit im not the best with keeping the lines straight but that doesn't take away from this mani's fun appeal.
This is a coat of gray polish, single coat lines of color and seche vite.
I got a bunch of compliments on this one simply because its eye catching. I only ended up wearing this for one day on sat because I was working on a craft project and discovered FabriTac fabric glue eats nail polish, I never would have guessed that one and so the glue ate thru the top coat and all but it was pretty while it lasted and again its super easy, mildly time consuming but easy enough to do..

Soooo just for fun wanna see what I was working on that cost me my cute mani?

I took a mini dress form art metal piece and covered it in heirloom batting and then covered it with a beautiful fleece fabric, added a ribbon to cinch and accentuate the waist. Why?? Well I collect cute vintage brooches and wanted a cool , unique and cheap way to display them that wouldn't take up to much room..
In the mirror you can see there are pins on the back too, PS ignore the junk vanity and the polish sittin there. I plan to feature those here in a few days as they are to close to exact not to show the dupe-y goodness.

Ok well that's all for today, keep your cute mani's away from fabric glue and thanks for reading - ilectra

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  1. That brooch display is really cool. I wish I was crafty like you are. And that mani is really cute and fun.