Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fashion Friday: Boots boots boots a plenty

Yay its fall fashion friday again and today's post is going to be a mega photo overload..
Best fall fashion item bar none??? BOOTS! duh.. lol ok cardigans, scarfs and tights are pretty awesome too but today im showing my love to boots..

I have 7 pair of varying styles and shades to share with you today, It's still a lil to hot for boots here but I will be sporting many of these all Autumn long..
 All images are clickable for more detail/bigger size pic.

First up a cute Pair of Steve Madden Cybul Flat Boots in Cognac.
These are sooooo buttery and comfy and look super cute with fun fall dresses that hit around the knee.

Next is Wanted spike boots in Brown.

These boots are a lil more rough and tumble, they are faux fur lined and the top of the boot has a sweater like stretch material which make these super warm.. word to the wise on these they run really small sooo its always wise when and if buying online to go a size up, cause extra room is better then broken

Next we have Michael Antonio Onte boots in black.

If looks could Kill, ok so these are a lil more daring and not everyone's taste but you cant help but feel really kickass in them.. I think they would be awesome for a fall night out.. They rock with tights and have silver accents.

Next are Wild Rose Tamie Boots in Black.
Yet another pair of stiletto boots but just ever so slightly tamer and with gold accent's rather then the silver in the previous pair. These are surprisingly comfortable and dont stress the arch like alot of stiletto's do and so that makes these more wearable.

Next we have my fave pair Naugthy Monkey Maverick boots in Chocolate.

The warm toned brown with the mix of leather and suede make these my go to fall boots, they are comfy and look great with jeans, they are super soft and make me want to swashbuckle ha ha.

Up next DollHouse Hemi Boots in Black.
These boots are freakin awesome they have amazing tread,like almost snow boot tread, soft and sturdy they make a dress fun and look sexy and casual with jeans.. see...
 And now last but not least Nine West Elbe Boots in Black.
 These boots are almost 5 years old and have been through hell and high water and yet they still look new as the day I got them, these boots have class and style and literally look good with just about everything and any thing you can pair them with.

And that's all 7 I chose to feature, I almost added rain boots to this but since Fall is the driest season in my area I decided against it but with that said, rain boots also make a super fun and cute fall boot and in wetter climates its super practical .. They come in all kinds of designs, mine have lil whales all over them so cute.

I hope this inspired you to give boots a try this Fall or Pull your old boots out of the closet.
So of the 7 what did you like or not like?
Thats all for this very long post, thanks so much for reading -ilectra


  1. Those Naughty Monkey's are to die for! And I love saying the name. LOL

  2. I need the naughty monkeys and the wanted spike.. just so you know.. you can deliver them NOW.

  3. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes ha ha I know, when my soon to be hubby saw them he couldn't believe they were really called naughty monkey..

    @Tnk121281 Ok D I can put them on and come over and you can try and pry um off my dead body :P

  4. Hey! Just cruising by as I explore some new nail blogs! (I mean new to me, since I'm fairly new to it). Love those Naughty Monkeys! Wow, I don't consider myself a boot/shoe person most of the time but those boots make me reconsider!

  5. @JQ Thanks for cruising by :) ha ha Those boots are quite the hit glad ya dig them..Warning they could get ya hooked on