Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revlon Emerald City vs OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Browsing Target a few weeks ago I spotted a Revlon polish that had matte suede written across the bottle of a beautiful green.. I had to grab it and run home and play with it and my Bottle of OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow suede and see how they compare... So here's the Comp of the two below. All pics are clickable for full size.

Here are the bottles side by side, The Revlon looks more matte in the bottle then the OPI.
But as you see above the Revlon doesn't dry all that matte or suede, it dries to a dull shine. Then I added matte magic to it and that did help make it more of a HTAT dupe, but still off..

The Revlon Emerald City has more shimmer and sparkle then the OPI and it takes longer to dry.

I would say that they are dupey but not an exact dupe, but a great alt for those of you who loved HTAT and couldn't get a hold of it or those of you like me who have to have both cause of my green love and the fact that they are diff enough to have both :)

That's all for today, thanks for reading -ilectra


  1. @Twister Thanks I thought so too, I know matte polish is a pain but dang these are pretty ha

  2. omg i need emerald city NOW-- such a gorgeous color!!