Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Cold and Halloween Nails

So what have I learned this month?? Having Jason Vorhees kill you and shove you into the lake will give you one hell of a cold, so ive been battling a monster cold but now that it's passing I wanted to share with you my nails, I have been doing halloween nails since my last post and even sick Ive been taking pics for you guys.

Today Im sharing the mani I have on right now, I'll call it Danger, Hot Lava. (All pics can be enlarged by clicking)

 I used one coat of Sally Hansen Salon, Pat on the Black and is a blackened plum. Then down the middle I stripped each nail with Hard Candy's Lava I topped it all with a quick dry top coat ans then when back over the Pat on the black with Essie matte and I finished it all off with a Halloween decal on each ring finger.

Close up of the matte/shiny and decal, the red/orange Lava looks like red foil when it catches the light over the top of this darker color.
Im really loving the Halloween season cause it's inspiring me to do more nail art rather then just plain polishing, I enjoy trying to be creative and that brings me to my final thing to share today,above I mentioned how I managed to get a cold and Im sure a few of you were like huh???
Well Im one of 3 members of a comedy troupe on youtube , we are all good friends and we do comedy silly videos for fun so one of our videos for halloween the one that gave me the lovely cold I thought I would share with you guys.. we are no pro's be we do love what we do.
Crystal Lake Water
Ok that's about all for this blog post, the cold is going and the nails are lookin cute, hope you check out and enjoy me and my friends silly video.
Thanks for reading -ilectra

Saturday, October 16, 2010

IDK Wedding NOTD

Doh!! it's been 2 weeks since I posted, the Wedding and everything involved was way way more then I had imagined, I worked my butt off and it was hell on my hands.. But while on honeymoon I did manage to snap some pics of the Mani/NOTD that I did for the wedding.

I used IDK From the China Glaze OMG Collection and added a pretty nail decal on my ring fingers.

 I love my wedding band!!!

Wow at all of the holo goodness, This is 2 coats with seche vite over the top and these pics were taken after 3 days of wear and tear.

On a mushy note:

It was everything I had hoped it would be, I hope you guys dont mind me sharing some of this with you.
I am now back from honeymoon and things are slowing down so more nails and nail fun to come, sportin halloween nails right now and thinking of keeping in the fall/halloween theme for the rest of the month.. Wonder how fast before I get Ok more soon, also want to share a few pics from the honeymoon next post. Thanks for reading -ilectra

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flakie Week: Franken Friday, Bar Hopping

Alas it is Friday so we have come to the end of our Flakie week, and it was fun but today I an sticking with our theme and sharing a Franken I made with Nubar 2010 that I call Bar Hopping.. It's by far a total success as a flakie franken but the color and tone that I ended up with makes me so happy so that is way its a total keeper for me.. Here she is in pic spamage..(click pics for larger size/more detail)

 The weather was real crap so I had to take pics in the light box, this one in shade conditions.
 I am so in love with the color this came out, its a jelly/shimmer/cream mix .
 This is two coats but as you can prolly tell it could have used one more. I made the base thin enough so that with each layer you could still see the flakes in the layer under it.
 Close up above you can see the flakes peeping out, its very subtle but just enough to add some fun twinkle of color to the baby blue.
I really wish I could have gotten pics of this in day light, its so lovely outside, soft and interesting.
But again as a Flakie franken not a huge success but im still very taken by it, what do ya think?

Well guys and gals, that's the end of flakie week I you guys enjoyed it..
On a side note it's now only 8 days til my wedding so things are getting hectic, im going to try and stay on top of blogging here but I feel like it'll be mostly NOTD's til after the Wedding.. But Ive got fun stuff planned after the wedding so think good thoughts for me the next 8 days heh Im gonna need um :)
Thanks so much for reading -ilectra