Friday, August 6, 2010

Time on my hands and polish on my nails

Hey hey guys its been a bit since my last post so this will be a nice fat blog post.
So on the 29th I went into surgery and they make you remove all your polish from hands and feet booooo naked nails.. But before I went into surgery I had a week long haul.. check it out.

Sally's had a huge clearance bin...heh
So since out of surgery ive had alot of time on my hands trying to recover so what do I do with the extra time? 3 things, Paint my nails, Work on my polish spreadsheet (a new thing for me) and look at more polish online (stalk polish on ebay and then not buy it lol)
So here are 2 of the polishes from the pre surgery haul, and sadly I ended up disappointed in them both, so so pretty in the bottle .. oh here here goes..
First up: CQ Silver Taupe
Im not a fan of Taupe polishes on me but the silver was so sparkly I figured it'd make it wearable hmmmm maybe not what do you think??
This is 3 coats and I feel like it really could have used another but uugghh 4 coats is hell.
It took forever to dry, forever and a half but once it did it was on there to stay.
I guess im on the fence about this one, on a plus for me this polish didn't chip at all..

Last up: L'oreal Party Hop

Im really loving purple polishes right now. But this somehow came off looking tacky.
But still in bottle its so pretty. See

This was also 3 coater that could have used another coat, something about the sparkly ones.
But on a negative note for me this polish just would not dry.. hours and hours later it was still wet and when i went to bed still wet thus on wake up it was a wreck.
Should have titled this post bling bling ha ha.
So there ya have it on those two.. Right now I have on OPI Diva from Geneva from the new swiss collection so I'm about to go take some pics of that for you guys but before I go,
I got in my TD order and would like to know which of those you would like to see next..They are:
Orly Cosmix Space Cadet
Orly Cosmix It's not Rocket Science
Opi Here today Aragon tomorrow suede
Opi Ski teal we drop (also from the swiss collection)
China Glaze Side Saddle
China Glaze C C Courage

Let me know, also my friends went to Canada and brought me back GOSH polishes sooo i'm excited to show you guys those as well.
Thanks for reading TGIF
Enjoy the weekend

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