Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NOTD Orly's It's not rocket science

You guys have prolly seen the Orly Cosmix's on every blog you follow but never to much of a good thing I always say ha :)
So out of the full Cosmix Collection I got 3 of them, Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl and It's not Rocket Science. I am a sucker for the color green and green nail polish is my obsession so as you can imagine It's not rocket science sttod out to me the most in this collection and is my fave of them all.. Below with flash:

When light hits this color it hits back, it has a strong gold flash that really sparkles.
The above pic is in mid day low light and is the truest rep of how this color looks in most lighting.
The above is with no flash and is two coats with poshe topcoat
Here's this beauty up close, in low day light with no flash, so sparkly and you can really see the yellow/gold flash.

Ok now to the good and the bad news:

The Good : This polish dries pretty quickly and even though its sparkly it dries smooth. It applied well and was perfect in 2 coats. Also i seriously love the Orly bottles because of the rubber tops, its so easy to grip.

The Bad: Because of the process it took to make the cosmix polishes they cost almost double a normal Orly polish. Each one of these are selling for $10 most places and that would be ok if it weren't for the next bit of bad. The tip wear you see in those pics is only after 12 hours of wear and in less then 24 hours I had bad tip wear and 3 chips.. that BTW never happens to me.. I can normally go up to 6 days without a chip.. So being chiptastic is not cool for a $10 polish.

But overall I love this one for simply being beautiful,I had 3 people comment on this color in about 2 hours while i was out today so it is indeed eye catching.

Thats all for today
Thanks for reading


  1. Pretty bad that it chips so quickly, especially for a girl like me who is always doing dishes and gets chips super easy.. that is a wah wah.. but the color is AMAZING...

  2. love this colour, reminds me of China Glazes Zombi Zest! ... which also reminds me of halloween, I LOVE halloween :)

    Anyways, I just found your site and wanted to let you know that it kicks ass :) I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  3. @Danielle I know I thought the same thing, my zombie zest is on its way so im deff gonna swatch and compare the two. I love Halloween too, and its getting close woot! :)

    Thanks, Glad you found me :D

    @Fenix sketch I was thinking that very thing when it chipped, I thought damn D wouldn't last an hour in this one. ha ha

  4. Ilectra, I am glad to know that you thought abour me when you got the chip.. :)