Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dusty my Darling

The things we will do for nail polish, isn't limited to digging in old dusty bins and shelves for a hidden gem. So today I bring you a lovely Dusty (Old dusty bottle of polish) that I found for 50 cents in a dusty old bin at my local beauty supply shop.
Ruby Kisses-Blue Denim
Its a lovely dark blue that manages to not look black indoors.
It's Dark and Vampy but has a hit on classic without being red. The formula is sadly not big 3 free but it went on like heaven and was opaque in one coat, the above is 2 coats.
I added another dusty find on top of that.
LA Colors - Rainbow Glitter

Look at all that close up sparkly goodness <3
I love the Rainbow Glitter over the top, The last 3 pics were taken in my new light box photo studio that The hubby and I made to take pics of my nails and my polishes, I love it so much.
What do you think? Like the nails/hands in the mini studio we made?
Well that was all the dusty love I have to show for now.
Thanks for reading

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