Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You've seen it all before.. one more time!

Many of you like myself have seen Nubar 2010 and Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure in almost every nailblog Ive seen in the last 4 months. But I was curious to see if you savvy nail gals could tell the diff between the two if not marked..
So here's another comparison of these two beautiful flakie polishes, over the top of Diva of Geneva.
These really are a great way to spruce up a old mani that ya dont have time to remove.
As you see in the first pic above they look similar in the bottle but hardly exact.

In all of these pics I have SH HT on 2 fingers and Nubar 2010 on two.
But can you tell which is which? The two above are in sun and Below are two in shade..
So now that you are at the bottom, I bet you are wondering which is which, well if you cant tell then I'm not telling :D Needless to say, they really are pretty much the same.. DONT spend $30 on ebay for HT if you cant find it or get your hands on it, you can get the Nubar 2010 for under 10 and thats with shipping..

Dupe's are fun, I might have to try and do more of them. I picked up a Ulta purple polish with my reward points on sunday that looks like an exact dupe to OPI Rumple wiggins , I think its called..
Ok so there you have it, my comparison blog post to join it's twins out in blogland.
Thanks for reading


  1. so cute!
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