Saturday, August 21, 2010

Storms at Midnight, Franken Magic

Franken: The mixing of polishes,finishes and glitters to create a new color and unique polish.

Today I have a franken I made lastnight while I was bored and watchin tv.
I just started adding and mixing til it began to take shape, It started Green and then went into heavy Blue but I wanted it to be a very very Blue based Purple so I added some red and shazam..It's Storms at Midnight, I named it that cause it reminded me of the night sky but sometime with a heat storm the sky gets those lovely purple hues.

Here's it in shade

Here's outside as it was getting dark with no flash
and here's 3 of it outside near dark with flash
These pics really really capture the blue in this franken, but indoors its a lovely dusty purple, and oh so shimmery. All of the above is just 2 coats, it dried quickly and went on wonderfully. I never imagined when I started making this that it would be so multi dimensional and so beautiful. This color in person is dark without being to dark and the plum tomes give it a lovely Autumn feel, so I made this beauty just in time for the season.

This has to be in my top 10 polishes ever, Not to shabby for a girl who owns over 200. (I know 200 is a light weight in nail blogger land) But Im wearing it now and have no desire to ever take it

So tell me what do ya think of Storms at Midnight? Would you like me to feature other frankens Ive made??
Well thats all for this post
Thanks for reading

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  1. I loved this franken, you should post more frankens, I love seeing what others create :)