Thursday, August 12, 2010

and then there was Maryland Crabcake

I have been a lifelong anti pink kinda girl and as ive gotten older ive mellowed out and come to understand that pick has its charms but never have I loved pink... until OPI Maryland Crabcake.
This is bar none my fave pink polish, its got a lil hint of orange in it and its well it's the bee's
I did this nail look with it the other day and it was my first time using it, I got it in a big haul from the flea market and umm yeah I love it.
This one is super old/old school as you can see on the bottom label, but even with its age it applied like a dream.
On my thumbs I used China Glaze Skin Tight for the polka dots,and some random ebay nail art gems/bow etc.

I also added a glittery top coat, so the glitz you see isnt from Maryland Crabcake, its from a China Glaze called Starfish Wish and its also super old school.. but I thought it looked nice over the OPI.The camera really picked up the orange tones to this, its quite the beauty in person. I do believe its been discontinued but its worth hunting down.
I'll still say that im not a huge fan of pink but this pretty pink will always have a spot in my heart heh.

Thats all for today
Thanks for reading guys

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