Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elle's Spell (Pic Heavy)

Hey guys, First things first.. you might have noticed I changed the layout/design of the blog. Id love to hear what you think.. better.. worse or about the same? Plz take a min to give me some feedback.

Also im now at 61 followers, so since we are creeping up on 100 I wanted to let you ladies know that I'll be having a 100 followers give away.. so stay tuned for that ladies :D

Ok on to the polish, Ive been forcing myself to try reds hoping I could find some that Im in love with and Ive found one. Barelle's Elle's Spell which came out locally around Christmas. Im such a sucker for flakie's.

This polish is very sheer with a majorly red tone so it's best layered over an opaque polish, So below I layered it over Zoya Janice, a red with magenta tones that I dont care for but it worked at a good base.
I tried to capture all the sparkly goodness thus all these pics..Click them to see details.

 Straight on, the flakes are fiery Yellow, Red and Orange. But to sides and from the top and bottom the flakes pull Green.

and if all those pics weren't enough for ya, here's some video showing off the sparkle..
I passed this up twice even when my husband said I should get it and then after seeing swatches online I ran back to get it and Im so happy I did.. Anyone else pass on this one? have you seen it over dark colors, cause thats simply breathtaking..
Well thats about it, Thanks for reading

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