Friday, January 14, 2011

Award and Laced Up with Sally Hansen

I got Tagged with a Blog Award, So a big thank you goes out to Polish Wasteland for the Award.

This fun award comes with a few rules:

 Link and thank the person who gave you the award
 Share 7 things about yourself
 Award 15 other bloggers
 Contact the bloggers to tell them about the award

Here are 7 random tidbits of Ilectra goodness..
1. Until 2010 I spent my whole life as a chronic Nail Biter and Im often still tempted.
2. Im a Foot Fetish Model part time
3. Cheese is my all time fave food
4. I just got married for the second time in Oct of 2010 and im only 28
5. I turn 29 on the 31st of this month
6. Im part of a 3 girl Comedy Troop on youtube Called Sketchywhenwet
7. I learned how to sew via machine within the last 3 months and love it!!

Ok sooo those are random heh Now for the blogs I nom/tag.
and that's that :) Thanks again for the cool award and this was pretty fun.

Ok now on to the meat and potatoes of this blog. The new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.
I was very weary of these as they seemed lik your run of the mill sticker type nail polish strips for which Im not a fan.. also I have very large thumb nails and wasnt sure they would include a size to fit my crazy thumbs.
But they had so many cool designs and the no dry time and that equaled up to an impulse buy.

I only got #360 Laced Up to try it out so here's the down low.

 The box says that this is "Real" polish and lasts up to 10 days.It also says its Big 3 free as most are these days.

Outta the box you have 2 packs of strips for a total of 16, a wooden/orange stick and nail file/buffer and Instructions.
To prep your nails it advises to start with clean, dry nails.. big duh on that one . then push your cuticles back with the orange stick. then shape nails and buff the surface. The final thing to to be sure to swipe nails once more with polish remover to assure clean oil free surface for the polish. It also says applying with warm hands is desirable.

After ALL of that prep you simply peel and stick .. stretching the design a lil is helpful for a good fit.
Then you just file off the excess.

This is what I ended up with, I got much better at it as I went along..This is reg room light at my vanity table.
This is with flash. You can see that they aren't a perfect fit but its not so bad that its bothersome.. micro always shows every lil detail but in person at half arms length away they look just about perfect.
This one is after one day of wear in sun light. I loved the no dry time but just had to add a top coat to make me feel more secure in theyre staying power.. I put them to the ultimate test.. the HOT SHOWER OF DOOM!!! with me my polishes always seem to fail this test.. but holy cow these things are still on without a dent or a chip or even any lifting at all.. So although im not keen on the fit or the PITA to apply them Im pretty much in love with the designs and the wear and the zero dry time as Im a clutz and always mess up my nails within 15 mins of painting them..

So what do you think? ive seen um range from $5.99 to $10. Have any of you tried them?
Thanks for reading ladies


  1. Thank you for reading my blog :) The nail stickers look amazing, how's the staying power? I'm tempted to try them!


  2. Elle, They stayed put for a week and a half before I got tired of them.. so impressed with them..the key i think was to top coat them so that they done peel near the cuticle. :)

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  4. Looks awesome! I think I need to try that! :)