Friday, July 23, 2010

Friends = More Nails

So my friend Fenix came over and wanted her nails done, but had no preference as to what she wanted done, so I just kinda winged it . I had her choose 4 colors she chose Yellow(china glaze lemon fizz) ,Light Cream orange(dont remember the name), bronze(from CG boundless) and plum sparkle (OPI meet me at the star ferry).

With those 4 over a white coat from finger paints I did some color block sponging, all the same on both hands and then I added a yellow rhinestone to the center of each nail.
I really liked the idea of it, but it didn't turn out quite like I had planned, I think maybe diff colors would have worked better but that said, over all it didn't turn out to bad. What do ya think?

Im not yet used to working on other peoples nails, I normally just do mine but I really enjoyed it and plan to practice on my friends more to get better at it.

Thanks for reading and happy painting
PS I plan to do a haul blog soon as I ordered some awesome nail stuff from Ebay and have had a few really cool polish swaps on MUA or so check back for that :)

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