Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

For a change of pace I wanted to post a product review for you lovely ladies.

A review that is just in time for shorts and swimsuit season. The new Gillette Venus and Olay Razor (Pictured below)

Gillette teamed up with Olay to give us a razor with Olay moisture bars, yellow on top and white on bottom. The moisture bars make for an easy shave without the need of a shave cream. This razor has 5 blades for a very close shave and a pivoting head so that it moves over your curves with ease. It also comes with a suction cup shower hook for which to hang your razor. All of these features got me very excited at the chance to use this razor.

Soon as I opened it and attached the cartridge to the handle I was beginning to get disappointed , due to its smell. The Olay Moisture bars have a sweet warm coconut smell, very foodie and like a coconut sugar cookie. If you like these types of smells then you will love the smell of this, I am not a fan of foodie smells and coconut is my least favorite of all those types of smells.  On the other hand I had Will the hubby smell it and he didn't mind it, he thought it was nice and gave the smell a 3 outta 5.

On to the shower, on first use I shaved my legs, my bikini area and my underarms. The moisture bars react to water and create a goo/slime for lack of a better fitting term that causes the razor to slide over your skin effortlessly but I found that its so slick it makes it to slippery to get a controlled shave on your legs. I ended up needing to slowly go over my legs a few times to get areas I missed due to the razor just slipping past/over the hair.
This razor is pretty bulky with the two bars sticking out and so it made shaving the bikini area nearly impossible, its just way to cumbersome to be very effective there so I wouldn't recommend it for the bikini area at all.
It did fit perfectly in my underarm area and shaved my underarms very close and very quick. I tend to be very sensitive in that area and shaving always tends to hurt my underarms but not with this razor. All the extra moisturizer really did help me get the best underarm shave Ive ever had. So this is where I would say this razor really wins.

Once out of the shower my legs were very very soft due to the Olay moisture bars. I didn't notice much of a difference in the closeness of the shave from my normal razor of choice that only has 3 blades (The Classic Venus Disposable Razors from Gillette). I removed the razor from the shower and let it dry so that the extra moisture of the shower wouldn't melt the moisture bars.

Final verdict on this one, It was used 3 times for legs and underarms and after the 3 uses it looks like this.

 As you can see, in 3 uses the top bar is gone and the bottom bar is almost all the way off.
This Razor retails from $8.99 to $10.99 and the refills will be  $14.99 to $19.49 for a pack of 3.
If you are someone who shaves and showers daily at only 3 uses per cartridge that works out to about $45 a month on the low end. Cut that in half for those who shave much less and its still $23 monthly. Not really very practical for a razor that cant be used for the bikini area. I was pretty disappointed to only get 3 shaves out of this razor.

So all things considered I give this product 3 stars . It was just ok.

If you would like the try this item for yourself it is said to be releasing today March 15th at food, drug, convenience and mass merchandise stores throughout the US. Gillette has also doing weekly giveaways of this item on their facebook page.
For more info about this product Go to

I received this item free for review thru in the Love VoxBox.

Thank you for reading and id love to hear what you think of this product and or this review.


PS I have started a new blog with my husband just for reviews that can be Found Here, Plz feel free to come over and check it out. Back with more polish soon, I know its been tooooo long.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Uber Mega Haul: My First Makeup Haul Video

So I did my very first makeup haul video, polishes at the end.. wondering if you ladies would dig seeing a video of my polish stash/collection??
Tanks for taking a min for this post

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NOTD: Mildly Valentine

Since im not a huge fan of Valentines I didnt do alot of Val themed nails this month, but I did do this mildly Valentine one.. and it was my NOTD up until about a hour ago... So it counts.. so heres nail spamage:

 Lovely Blurple color by OPI called Sapphire in the Snow and Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Im in utter love with both of these colors. 

 Pardon my tip wear! doh! lol

The bluple looks soooo purple indoors and soo blue in sunlight so thats kinda fun, like 2 mani's in one.
Thats it for now,thanks for reading and have a Happy Valentines -ilectra

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elle's Spell (Pic Heavy)

Hey guys, First things first.. you might have noticed I changed the layout/design of the blog. Id love to hear what you think.. better.. worse or about the same? Plz take a min to give me some feedback.

Also im now at 61 followers, so since we are creeping up on 100 I wanted to let you ladies know that I'll be having a 100 followers give away.. so stay tuned for that ladies :D

Ok on to the polish, Ive been forcing myself to try reds hoping I could find some that Im in love with and Ive found one. Barelle's Elle's Spell which came out locally around Christmas. Im such a sucker for flakie's.

This polish is very sheer with a majorly red tone so it's best layered over an opaque polish, So below I layered it over Zoya Janice, a red with magenta tones that I dont care for but it worked at a good base.
I tried to capture all the sparkly goodness thus all these pics..Click them to see details.

 Straight on, the flakes are fiery Yellow, Red and Orange. But to sides and from the top and bottom the flakes pull Green.

and if all those pics weren't enough for ya, here's some video showing off the sparkle..
I passed this up twice even when my husband said I should get it and then after seeing swatches online I ran back to get it and Im so happy I did.. Anyone else pass on this one? have you seen it over dark colors, cause thats simply breathtaking..
Well thats about it, Thanks for reading

Friday, January 14, 2011

Award and Laced Up with Sally Hansen

I got Tagged with a Blog Award, So a big thank you goes out to Polish Wasteland for the Award.

This fun award comes with a few rules:

 Link and thank the person who gave you the award
 Share 7 things about yourself
 Award 15 other bloggers
 Contact the bloggers to tell them about the award

Here are 7 random tidbits of Ilectra goodness..
1. Until 2010 I spent my whole life as a chronic Nail Biter and Im often still tempted.
2. Im a Foot Fetish Model part time
3. Cheese is my all time fave food
4. I just got married for the second time in Oct of 2010 and im only 28
5. I turn 29 on the 31st of this month
6. Im part of a 3 girl Comedy Troop on youtube Called Sketchywhenwet
7. I learned how to sew via machine within the last 3 months and love it!!

Ok sooo those are random heh Now for the blogs I nom/tag.
and that's that :) Thanks again for the cool award and this was pretty fun.

Ok now on to the meat and potatoes of this blog. The new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.
I was very weary of these as they seemed lik your run of the mill sticker type nail polish strips for which Im not a fan.. also I have very large thumb nails and wasnt sure they would include a size to fit my crazy thumbs.
But they had so many cool designs and the no dry time and that equaled up to an impulse buy.

I only got #360 Laced Up to try it out so here's the down low.

 The box says that this is "Real" polish and lasts up to 10 days.It also says its Big 3 free as most are these days.

Outta the box you have 2 packs of strips for a total of 16, a wooden/orange stick and nail file/buffer and Instructions.
To prep your nails it advises to start with clean, dry nails.. big duh on that one . then push your cuticles back with the orange stick. then shape nails and buff the surface. The final thing to to be sure to swipe nails once more with polish remover to assure clean oil free surface for the polish. It also says applying with warm hands is desirable.

After ALL of that prep you simply peel and stick .. stretching the design a lil is helpful for a good fit.
Then you just file off the excess.

This is what I ended up with, I got much better at it as I went along..This is reg room light at my vanity table.
This is with flash. You can see that they aren't a perfect fit but its not so bad that its bothersome.. micro always shows every lil detail but in person at half arms length away they look just about perfect.
This one is after one day of wear in sun light. I loved the no dry time but just had to add a top coat to make me feel more secure in theyre staying power.. I put them to the ultimate test.. the HOT SHOWER OF DOOM!!! with me my polishes always seem to fail this test.. but holy cow these things are still on without a dent or a chip or even any lifting at all.. So although im not keen on the fit or the PITA to apply them Im pretty much in love with the designs and the wear and the zero dry time as Im a clutz and always mess up my nails within 15 mins of painting them..

So what do you think? ive seen um range from $5.99 to $10. Have any of you tried them?
Thanks for reading ladies

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mrs Claus, Red or maybe Pink?

Im starting to think the sun might not come back out til the spring.. lots of overcast days.. or more like nothing but overcast days... I love winter but hate to many overcast days. blah..

But with Christmas around the corner and all the holiday polish colors out, its a great brightener of the overcast days..

Today Im showing you guys a polish that perplexes me very much. China Glaze's Mrs. Claus from the holiday collection. When I got this I could have swore it was a red glitter polish with a pink tinge but once I put it on It was very very pink with a lil reddish tinge. Somehow I dont feel like pink glitter is very "christmasy" but it's still really pretty and sparkley.

Above is the bottle looking very reddish.
 Here's a close up of it layered over American Apparel's Berry Polish.
 This is 2 coats of Berry and 2 coats of Mrs Claus, notice that each bottle pic really looks very red.
But the Glitter is bright shiny pinks, light pink and fuchsia.
Im on the fence about this polish, I love that it's very eyecacthingly Shiny but otherwise its just ok.

What do you think? Somewhat unique?
That's it for now, thanks for reading -ilectra

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fireberry Red and the amazing art of Conni Togel

Im posting my fave polish of the week today, Best formula and color ive worn in ages.
Sally Hansen's hard as nails Xtreme Wear in Fireberry Red, It was a summer limited collection or early fall in my area.

 I was a bad girl and didnt use a base coat with this polish or a top coat, I was in a hurry so this is 3 thin coats no base or top coat. It dried really quickly which I loved.
 Indoors this color takes on a deeper tone and becomes rather luscious and channels a vintage feel.
Ive never been a huge fan of red nail polish for so many reasons but this polish is fantastic, if you can get your hands on a bottle I say go for it cause its a new fave for me and could be for you too.

On a somewhat related note I would like to introduce you guys to my fave artist, Her name is Conni Togel
and her amazing work can be found at .
I got to see her and buy some prints from her over the weekend at a local Craftsman art show, this was my second time meeting her and buying art from her. She noticed my polish when I was checking out and commented that she really liked the color, it was the one featured today Fireberry Red. I loved that an artist such as her who has mastered beautiful colors on canvas liked this color, talk about good ha ha.
But anyway here's a pic of one of the prints I got from her, I watermarked the photo for the safety of her art.

It's titled Firefly Ballet and no you aren't seeing things those are sheep, all of Conni's work is Sheep, whimsical, silly and fun sheep. No other artist's work has made me smile so much as hers and so I had to share it with you and it didnt hurt that she loved my polish :)

Well im feeling a bit more back on track, did ya miss me?? I know I missed you guys.
That's all for today's post, Thanks so much for reading. -ilectra